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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

At Dalpark Independent Educational Centre (DIEC), with the help of Almighty God, and founded on Christian values, with the emphasis on kindness, empathy, and integrity, we will educate all our learners in a holistic environment. The framework of our approach supports each learner’s personal growth and promotes their emotional, educational, social, cultural, and sporting development.

Our Mission

At Dalpark Independent Educational Centre (DIEC) we provide a physically and emotionally safe environment, undergirded by kindness and empathy, we prepare our learners for the future.

The Centre basis of our motto is:

We are proudly Independent …

This defines both our school and our unique approach to education and emotional development.

We provide child-centric education catering for every child’s development and individual needs.

Mr B. Broderick
Tongaat Principal

Principal's Welcome Letter

Welcome to Dalpark Private School Tongaat. A school where each learner is known by all staff by their name.

Since opening our doors in 2022, Dalpark Private School Tongaat has taken bold steps to incorporate Christian values, critical thinking and problem solving in our everyday approach to educating our wonderful learners. We believe that through these key ingredients we are actively developing innovators and free-thinkers who possess a strong moral compass of what is right from what is wrong. These are innovators and free-thinkers who will have the ability to mould and shape their futures, the futures of their communities and the future of South Africa as a whole.

Our key ingredients, which form our backbone, include: Christian values, a family approach, joy and laughter, application of critical thinking in and beyond the classroom and the growth and development of intrinsic problem solving abilities. These key ingredients are further enhanced in our teaching staff who are creative thinkers with futuristic vision, who not only guide our learners through their educational journey, but are life learners themselves – constantly developing themselves, and working on new methodologies for teaching as well as curriculum development.

Our classrooms are small with a limit of 25 learners which allows our teaching staff to incorporate all our key ingredients with ease. This further allows for a more individualised approach in the classroom.

We are very much a ‘family’ school and I welcome every learner, parent, staff member and friend to our facility.