The school was founded in 1988 by Mrs D.A. Broderick, our current Executive Head and board member, as Magic Moments Nursery School.

It continued as such until the Department of Education granted permission in 1997 to establish a fully-fledged primary school to meet the needs of the area. This became Dalpark Private School. Initially, there was one class per grade in the Foundation Phase which grew to the Intermediate Phase.

In 2001 the school was re-registered under the banner of Dalpark Independent Educational Centre (DIEC), operating as Dalpark Private School.

At this stage, an independent board of directors was formed which included members from the educational, business, religious and legal sectors. Of the original board, we have our Chairperson Mr A. Davis, who has extensive business, legal and financial expertise, Mr A Webster, who is a well-respected pastor and member of the Christian religious community, and Mrs D. Broderick, the founder and the educational specialist on the board. Since then, Mr L. Naina, the current Brakpan school Principal, Mrs L. van der Spuy, the bursar and most recently, Mr B. Broderick, the Tongaat Principal, have also been added to the board.

DIEC continued to grow incrementally and in 2004 the first Grade 7 class was established. Continued growth meant that the DIEC group brought in a second classroom up to grade 7. Since then Dalpark Private College was established in 2019 and has grown to form our High School in Brakpan. The need for growth into other provinces became evident due to the lack of learners being placed in schools in South Africa. This meant that Dalpark Private Tongaat was opened on the 1st of January 2022. Today our teacher-pupil ratio is in the region of 1:25.