Student Life

Which curriculum does the school follow?

The school follows the CAPS curriculum. However, it must be noted that the CAPS document is a framework upon which each teacher builds their curriculum. The CAPS document is extended to allow for more extensive learning to take place which includes problem solving and critical thinking attributes.


What subjects are offered?

Foundation phase: (Grade R-3)

English (Using letterland for phonics)

isiZulu (Introduced from Grade 1)

Maths (Singapore maths system)

Life skills

Beginning Knowledge


Physical Education

Afrikaans (Introduced from Grade 1)

Intersen phase: (Grade 4-9)

English Home Language

Afrikaans First Additional Language

isiZulu Second Additional Language


Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

Creative Arts

Life Orientation

Technology (from Grade 7)

Economic Management Sciences (from Grade 7)